Selling your Coins

Paragon Numismatics pays EXCELLENT prices for all United States and foreign coins, currency, precious metals, and scrap jewelry. Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few items, we are interested in purchasing your coins.

    inside the Harris Bank building in Mequon at 1425 West Mequon Road, Suite E. We highly recommend an appointment because of the personalized attention given to every customer. Please call to set up a meeting time. Of course, walk-ins are always welcome, and we thank you for your patience if someone is ahead of you.

    to purchase large collections. Coins are heavy, and your safety is important, so request a home visit if moving your coins presents logistic difficulties.

    Not only do we purchase a wide range of coins, currency, precious metals, and jewelry, but we also purchase other collectibles. Click HERE for a full list of the items we purchase

Also visit our “Coin Information” page to learn more.

  • Never clean, polish, wash, or wipe your coins.
    Leave your coins untouched in albums, envelopes, rolls, or bags. The slightest scratch may devastate a coin's value. Originality is king, so keep your coins “as is.”

  • Old coins are not necessarily valuable.
    A coin’s age is not important. If age determined value, then rocks at the beach would be worth millions of dollars! We determine value according to the level of preservation, quantity produced, surviving numbers, current market demand, and metallic content.

  • Most retail price guides do not accurately reflect present market values.
    The vast majority of retail and online price guides reflect what you might PAY to purchase a coin on a full retail basis—not the price you should expect to receive when you sell it. Keep this in mind, and do not underestimate the difference. View retail price guides with a healthy sense of humor.

  • NEVER sell coins in a hotel to a traveling coin-buying company.
    Fly-by-night outfits buying huge newspaper ads and setting up shop at local hotels rarely pay fair prices for coins or anything else. They are not the “experts” or “professionals” that they claim to be. Hotel coin buyers rely on flash, deceit, intimidation, pressure, and ignorance to separate you from your coins. They are here today paying as little as possible for your coins, and they are gone tomorrow. STAY AWAY.

  • An honest, professional dealer never “gets in your face” for attention.
    Gigantic flashy ads are unnecessary. Unlike traveling road buyers, Paragon Numismatics has long-standing ties to the community. We are here today, tomorrow, next week, and next year. We treat you ethically because good word-of-mouth advertising is our best advertising. There is NEVER pressure to buy or sell. We want you to have a smooth, enjoyable transaction.

  • Obtain local and national references from a dealer.
    If a dealer is reputable, he or she will gladly furnish a long list of professional, banking, legal, and retail references. Ask the dealer whether he/she is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (most importantly), the American Numismatic Association, and the local Better Business Bureau.

Answers to common questions about selling coins:

Which price guides does Paragon use to determine coin values?
Paragon Numismatics takes pride in paying honest prices to purchase collections. We base the value of your coins, currency, and precious metals on wholesale price guides (Bluesheet, Graysheet, and Greensheet), on continuously updated online metals quotes, on recent auction results, on our knowledge of general market conditions, and on decades of experience.

What should I expect to receive for my coins?
Expect to receive premium prices for high quality coins and fair market value for average material. High quality coins purchased by experienced collectors generally yield pleasing returns to the buyer. On the other hand, random accumulations of common coins yield less satisfying long-term performance. Equally important is the source of your material: if you purchased coins from reputable professional dealers or mainstream national coin auctions, the news will be good. Not so if you purchased coins from television, phone telemarketers, magazines, newspapers, monthly coin approval services, private or national mints, or online auctions.

Why contact Paragon?
Paragon Numismatics has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of rare coins since 1987, and we put our knowledge, experience, and integrity on the line every day. We are members of all major numismatic organizations including the Professional Numismatists Guild, The American Numismatic Association and The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin. Please check our credentials. Local and national references are available upon request.

If you have questions about our services, or if you would like to sell your coins, please contact us anytime by E-mail: or telephone at (262) 240-9975. We look forward to earning your business.

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